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Yakumo Fugii, an ordinary Japanese student, inherits the care of Pai, a young girl from Nepal, from his dying archaeologist father. But Pai is more than she innocently appears to be. She is the last of a vanished magical race known as the Sanjiyan Unkara, or Triclops, and is in a desperate hunt against the forces of darkness to find the Ningen no Zou (Statue of Humanity) to turn her human. Yakumo nearly dies in a fight against a demon and to save him, Pai turns him into a Wu, a zombie bound to her service who cannot die. Yakumo and Pai travel to Hong Hong to meet with Ling Ling Lee, a colleague of his father's, to track down the statue. But, the demons of the dark lord Kaiyan Wang are already there to retrieve it...whatever the cost.

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